Unit Three Going Pla【精選】

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Unit Three Going Pla【精選】來自教案2019年最新推薦。更多相關資料請關注此類別。
  teaching goals:
  1. to talk about traveling and means of transportation;
  2. to grasp the ways of expressing good wishes;
  3. to review verb tenses;
  4. to use the present continuous tense for future actions;
  5. to write travel letters.
  teaching key points:
  1. to grasp different verb tenses;
  2. to use the present continuous tense for future actions;
  3. to do writing about traveling.
  teaching difficult points:
  1. to grasp the present continuous tense for future use;
  2. to write a travel letter;
  3. to learn to use the following phrases:
  1) get away from
  2) watch out
  3) protect sb/sth from
  4) see sb. off
  5) on the other hand
  6) as well as
  teaching methods:
  listening, speaking, discussing
  the first period
  teaching aims:
  1. to get some knowledge about traveling;
  2. to promote the ss’ abilities of imagination;
  3. to improve the ss’ listening ability
  teaching procedures:
  step one warming up
  1. as the society develops, people can go places in many means of transportation. ask the ss to list means of transportation they have known.
  car, bus , train, plane, spaceship, …….
  2. present the four pictures to the ss and ask them to talk about what is happening in the pictures.
  1) he is driving too fast.
  2) he is littering waste things everywhere.
  3) he is smoking in the park.
  4) he is parking his car at a non-parking place.
  the ss conclude: we must protect our environment while traveling and obey the rules.
  3. ask the ss to discuss what they have to consider before they decide which means of transportation they will use.
  1) distance 2) weather 3) fare 4) whether it is easy to get tickets
  5) the time the journey will take
  4. ask the ss to discuss how would they like to go to the places and give reasons
  1) from shanghai to london 2) from beijing to guangzhou
  3) from chongqing to chengdu 4) from dalian to qingdao
  step two listening
  1. teach the new words :
  1) board 2) boarding calls/cards/gate 3) destination